Jan 13

Hello and welcome to my world!



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Hello everyone and hope you enjoy your stay. After much fluffing about have decided to use Ariel 18 point font since that seems to be an easy one to read and works ok on nearly all devices so I have been told. If bad news please call and say so- feedback is a marvellous invention. Call me old fashioned if you like, but pages with lots of colours and different sized fonts etc. to me are reading distractions and add little to the beauty of the written word and add a lot of computing overhead in login time to the site and for this reason have been avoiding that path. Who knows, this might be the start of a brand new /old trend revitalized. Seems SEO systems like this too to keep loading overheads down so, I am unashamedly using KISS. There are various disciplines visible here and most of it involves reading, so everything I can think of has been done to make that easier. Only thing missing is the QUIET! sign, but am working on that –  my coffee machine is noiseless and my keyboard almost silent so that’s a start and a new blank page always a welcome sign to new ideas and if you suddenly get an urge to write something down but have no paper, just click DEAR DIARY and tap away- anything you do write will be kept untouched for a day or so and if you want to print it out you can do that too-there’s a symbol there top left that allows 5 free copies of anything on this site- Brand new discovery that plugin is and seems a good idea. Just done a printout of a poem and it is exactly right- hmm- on my printer at any rate!  .

I am sort of getting used to Facebook and Twitter now but it seems to me there is no effective way to effectively communicate to one person only without letting the whole world knowing how you feel about something so from safety point of view generic or offhand poetic seems to be the only way it seems. If there are effective ways to do this through those mediums, it would be nice to know and a comment about this would be nice….  but I am googling this question anyway and an answer will appear but I suspect it will be in the negative. I am not decrying Facebook or Twitter or Google + in any way at all, these are early days for such disciplines and if they are listening am sure there will be an answer somewhere. Who knows- only safe way might be smoke signal and a strong wind…….  

I have Genesis for WordPress system lurking in the wings [definitely the way of the future] and will be using it when I find a child theme that does exactly what I want but no luck yet. sigh. Amazing how hard it is to find fonts in a theme plugin that actually works and has top row buttons ready to use without pain. This theme I am using now is mostly ok but took a bit of trawling to locate in wordpress themes, and I had already paid for, tried, and discarde quite a few by now to the point I almost know what I am doing. Seems to me lot of designers out there gizmo happily away with pretty pictures et al but little attention paid to that age old necessity- the art of writing in and reading of a blog itself and even the art of editing this blog you are reading now can be very interesting if changes are not saved regularly by hitting UPDATE button. Yes- I have lost a few edits! and the stories etc I put up are first copied into good old reliable Notepad to edit and remove old fonts/different word processor schematics [very necessary if updating and publishing Lotus Amipro docs into ebook format but thats another story and not too hard to do [and yes I do go back that far…hated M Word and used Ami version one when it came out and yes, all relevant info about me is  BIO button and linked to Amazon Author page….learning this stuff fast….   ]  

This blogsite is being designed as a hub that gives directional labelled headings to items of possible interest and easily discoverable. Click on one of these and a new world opens and you may find yourself in another website altogether. This hub will always be changing deep inside but this homepage won’t change much after the headings have been completed.

I hope you enjoy what you can see and comments are mostly always welcome and where not permitted that will be clearly marked.