Mark Head (1947 – and mostly still here) born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, of English parents, grew up all over the world but mainly in DunLaoghaire not far from the Forty Foot, a couple of stints in Kandy, one in Malaya during the time of the troubles, was sometimes asked politely to leave a lot of schools and after sailing around the world a couple of times in real ships finished up a marine engineer since it was noticed early I was good at fixing anything without necessarily knowing how but somehow the ships I became chief engineer of never broke down and always returned to port. New Guinea was interesting, Australia has a lot of space but since I was at sea mostly never saw it at all but the coastline was interesting to say the least and finished the nautical stuff in the Bass Strait, that most dangerous stretch of water that easily compares to the Cape of Good Hope and there are stories written about this that have not yet seen the twilight of day but early days these were for writing practice and so the story goes they say the sea is mirror for the mind.

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