By Mark Head.


There was a moment a short time ago when the sun did not shine                            The birds voices still’d and the dogs did not bark
Until the sound was shattered by hammer blows
Someone was building an ark.
Two cubits by ten or was it fifteen
Ribs made of steel and oily in sheen were bent high to prow and endwards to stern
While the lady of the house went out for a perm.
Rover the dog and Galah the parrot
Squawked and snuffled croaked and growled
While around steel girders the pussy cat prowled

On launching day the master danced
In a mast high cage the parrot pranced
Rover the dog declined to go
The pussy cat of course could never say no
And the lady of the house?

From a lifetime of habit said “NO!”
Again and again
But raised eyebrows in doubt when it started to rain


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