AFTER BROWSER LOGIN to www.yourdomain.com no pretty picture, no theme, no menu. Just apache xxx, c.bin, then wp- Three lines show up then the rest a white screen with nothing on it and no jumping pacmen for entertainment to pass the time away and no its not a white screen suitable for drawing better pictures.
BUT there is good news.
1. Its not the bsod [blue screen of death] for the white colour tells you that.
2. You actually are at your website server address: and since most of them seem to be unix, that explains what the Apache word means, for that is the name of the unix system itself.Usually. [Covering myself here, I am not a programmer and have no desire to thought more stupid than I actually are and that’s really an am.
This is the latest in a longish line of unforeseen problems with WordPress 3.51 and how to cope with SEO parameters concerned with keeping google spiders and crawlers and such happy with the right food correctly entered info at the base level, and if you are using wordpress, that time started at info entry time and not much has been written about that for amateurs like me who would like to know correct procedure. After all, wordpress is just a bit of blog software you can install through softaculous cpanel isn’t it and its all automatic with most stuff pre entered? No? No.It isn’t.
To professional eyes these are no doubt easy rectifications and not worth the bother of explanation
None of these things are earth shattering on their own, but when the final adjustment and the ultimate live test is made and the browser does not give the grand opening picture expected, rethinking the reinvention of what is wrong with this square wheel comes up with simple answer, but only logical re examination of steps taken will give it. This time, after a complete reinstall of a COMPLETELY FRESH copy of wordpress directory from Cpanel File Manager on host site to get rid of [in my case, W3 cache and extra htaccess file entries no longer required since I discovered my provider does not empower W3 caching unless VPS system is used so no point in having it and that was a recent discovery too and if you are on a low priced system the caveats are either limited download/uploads or nonono to caching] iF SPEED IS YOUR THING AND CACHING IMPORTANT change to a vps system or to a dedicated server and these cost more to run.
So, in this brand new version of wordpress,
browser comes up with apache.xxxxetc, c.bin, wp- and nothing else.
No pretty pictures. No theme at all and no page entry, pictures, or post of any kind. You know the host site is ok, for apache.xxx says that and so does c.bin, these show ok, but blogsite shews nada.
And why is this? Well, before you give vent to frustration by calling the 24/7 line run by your host providers to give them a piece of your mind, spend a little time thinking about the entries you typed in while installing wordpress in the first place, but before you do this, just click on that cryptic little wp- that came up as the last line when you tried to log into your website to see what it looks like. …. Ahah! It’s WordPress admin! Backdoor entrance for your blogsite suddenly appears and you know what dashboard means and what to do since you have been down that road a few times already!. You can even add a theme and post and page and edit them too and maybe get to network adjusting and setting and etc etc etc. Try them all adjust a little here, adjust a little there and goto browser and try to log into your website as a visitor and hopefully you have fixed what was wrong.
Wrong, I’m afraid. same scenery. same boring old white screen.
You do all that again in case you missed something. Retest log in to your site and same result as before. So near- admin site is there alright when you click on wp-, but site just will not appear if someone from internet land just happens to click onto your site address, and all they want to see is a large page with goodies in it, not a miniscule wp- that they probably wont see anyway. The answer to this one, [and who knows, there may be others too] lies in the first couple of entries you made and the direct hint of where the solution is is in the expression wp so now you suddenly realize that wp is the NAME OF WORDPRESS DIRECTORY ITSELF and that is where www.yourdomainname.com is sending you to!.
How come? . These have to be painfully accurate and very SEO friendly too and well worth google study if you wish to attract visitors. One entry you have to fill in is the http://www.yourdomainname.com [and NO slash after it} and if you have several domains you will have a selection of whether to http or https etc etc [important] and another alongside with the list of domains you own de already filled in. There is also the choice of wordpress directory, and if you are not careful you might be tempted to leave it with wp- already written in. Bad idea. Small writing says leave blank so delete it, for it is that wp- that directs the url system in your host to direct the visitor to your site to the wp- when they log in. and you probably thought it was supposed to be there, but if you read the small print there is wording that says leave blank.But if system has already filled it in it must be right, right? Wrong. Sigh. Time cures everything.

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